Skate Shoot - Downtown Springfield, Illinois

This shoot could not have turned out any cooler! We found a bright and sunny spot in downtown Springfield, IL for some sports photography, a portrait shoot with a local skater. She brought some really awesome skates and accessories, and the weather was beautiful, but her style and skills made the shoot especially amazing.

Molly - brphoto - 6I5A8488.jpg
Molly - brphoto - 6I5A8550.jpg
Molly - brphoto - 6I5A8625.jpg
Molly - brphoto - 6I5A8783.jpg
Molly - brphoto - 6I5A8856.jpg
Molly - brphoto - 6I5A8943.jpg
Molly - brphoto - 6I5A8956.jpg