Rowela is a real triple threat. Not only was she kind enough to be a model for us, but she also did her own makeup and she MADE her dress! When we came to her about our idea for the shoot, she suggested making an outfit, as she’s recently taken up making her own clothes. We were so amazed at the turnout! After seeing the dress, its color, pattern, and silhouette, we decided a spot we know by the lake would be a very complimentary location for this portrait session.

Check out some of our favorite shots from our shoot with Rowela!

Rowela - benromangphoto - 6I5A2580.jpg
Rowela - benromangphoto - 6I5A2586.jpg
Rowela - benromangphoto - 6I5A2603.jpg
Rowela - benromangphoto - 6I5A2629.jpg
Rowela - benromangphoto - 6I5A2634.jpg
Rowela - benromangphoto - 6I5A2677.jpg