Badlands National Park

One day, randomly, we decided we wanted to take a road trip. A week later we packed up and took the 12 hour car ride from Springfield, IL to Badlands National Park in Interior, SD. The layered, lined rock formations were beautiful and massive, spanning across gorgeous grasslands. We really enjoyed camping at the Cedar Pass Lodge. It gave us an incredible night's view! In the morning, we took to the many trails and overlooks on the Badlands Loop Road, that's where we got some of our favorite shots.

*BADLANDS - benromang - 6I5A3825.jpg
Badlands - benromang - 6I5A3576.jpg
BADLANDS - benromang - 6I5A3534.jpg
BADLANDS - benromang - 6I5A3924.jpg
BADLANDS - benromang - 6I5A4080.jpg
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Badlands - benromang - 6I5A3955.jpg
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BADLANDS - benromang - 6I5A4051 1.jpg
BADLANDS - benromang - 6I5A3665 1.jpg