Senior Shoot - Elisa

This was such a gorgeous fall day! We showed up about an hour early to Lincoln park in Springfield, where we were meeting Elisa to take her senior portraits. It was so beautiful out and we wanted to enjoy it. 

*Elisa - benromang - Elisa - BRPhoto -  6I5A0097.jpg
Elisa - BRPhoto -  6I5A9962.jpg
*Elisa - benromang - Elisa - BRPhoto -  6I5A9926.jpg
*Elisa - benromang - Elisa - BRPhoto -  6I5A9930.jpg
*Elisa - benromang - Elisa - BRPhoto -  6I5A9955.jpg
Elisa - BRPhoto -  6I5A9978.jpg

Photographer's Note:

These images were taken in Lincoln Park, Springfield, Illinois. They were taken with the Canon 5D Mark III, and Sigma 50mm 1.4 art lens.